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 Here at Cro Top Training we take into account your abilities, background, health considerations and personal vision to create your individualized program and set you up with the best fit to get you where you want to be.

Evan R. Crochiere



I’m Evan Crochiere, Owner of Cro Top Training. In 2010 I became certified through the highly accredited National Personal Training Institute, (NPTI). I trained under two top level Educators who are still active in the industry today as well as going through practical, firsthand training from a former Strength and Conditioning coach to the Boston Celtics. I have a strong martial arts background, and when I am not busy with clients, I enjoy advancing my Boxing, Kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu skills. 

My goal is to do for you what my coaches have done for me. I know firsthand that having the right team behind you can be the difference between success and failure. In the Karate Kid, Daniel San had Mr. Miyagi, and of course Rocky had Mick, for me it was Mr. Lima. At age 7 I found my first coach, a Tae Kwon Do instructor, and he was no actor, he was the real deal. Using the knowledge and guidance from him and my other coaches and instructors is what got me where I am today. While I'm no Rocky, to me, my story is one of success.

 As a kid I didn't have much going for me physically, I was a shrimp and my best asset was a smart mouth, two things that don't go well together. Any issues I had stemmed from a lack of confidence and being unhappy with myself physically. The difference for me was just that, to change... to set a goal in my head of what I wanted to become and then ...WORK. Throughout my life I have trained for various competitions, Martial Arts/Grappling tournaments, and fights. None of this would have been possible without help, from the right coaches.

All this "stuff" is as much mental as it is physical, it's about having the right tools, game plan and team on your side. Without Mick and Mr. Miyagi there wouldn't have been much of a story, and without the help and coaching that I recieved, I wouldn't be here doing what I love. I would be proud to be a piece of your story. 

Treat your life like a movie, and don't make a bad one!

Stephanie B. Maksy


I'm Stephanie Maksy, Manager and Trainer at Cro Top Training. I got my certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) .

Prior to joining Cro Top Team I was active in several sports, Softball, Cheerleading and the Captain of my HS Volleyball team to name a few.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), this of course has been very challenging. Like most conditions, illnesses and injuries

 staying active is a vital part of combating these difficulties. This helps me to relate, like most people the mental/emotional aspect of staying healthy was as overwhelming and tough as the physical side. When insecurity, doubt and  failure are your companions, regardless of the reason, it's hard not to feel buried.

 In 2017 I competed as a finalist in the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant. I knew just walking out on stage in a swimsuit to showcase my athletic training in front of thousands of people would be hard enough. Adding in high heels and my potential instability, balance and coordination issues due to MS... I almost never tried... Evan pushed me to push myself and it will always be one of the best moments in my life.

Confidence goes a long way and for some it can make or break taking those first steps through the gym doors. My goal is to show others that no matter what obstacles are in your way, they DO NOT define who you are and who you can become. With a team behind you, it's even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Belongs Here


Anyone who is serious about making a big change in their lifestyle. We work with all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. Whether your goal is to lose over 100 lbs or the last 5, maybe you are training for a race or similar competition. Some people want to get ripped others are just looking to live a healthier life. 

No matter how much or how little experience you have, a coach can bring out the best in you. At Cro Top Training we are confident we can help people on either end of that spectrum ascend to the next level. 

We have worked extensively with both former and current professional athletes, military/police, and top fitness pros. We have experience working with those dealing with medical concerns including cancer, diabetes, MS, heart conditions, high blood pressure and many more. As well as having helped people lose 1,000's of lbs, some in fact have lost over 100 themselves!

What is a Session Like


Despite the Nonsense depicted above We use only the most effective tried and true training methods.

Sessions are generally 45mins - 1 hour

They consist of a short Cardiovascular/Dynamic Warmup and then we will guide you through your individual training program.

We focus on Functional Strength Training utilizing free weights, med/stability balls, kettlebells and TRX Straps, as well as techniques taken from many backgrounds such as Olympic lifting, gymnastics and climbing to name a few. The gym features a large array of interesting equipment that has to be seen to be believed!

*For any clients interested in more than standard exercise, Evan utilizes his background in Martial Arts to incorporate Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing as well as conditioning drills and techniques used by top level Athletes, Grapplers, Boxers and MMA Fighters. 

What Makes us Unique


As a true Maniac... I mean, enthusiast for this stuff, I have tried to find more engaging ways to stay in shape. Using the methods that work without machines, supplements, or short-lived diets.

 True Functional Strength modeled from the best like Arnold (you know which one..), Bruce Lee, Jack Lalane and Richard Simmons.... ok just kidding maybe not Richard, just his enthusiasm. But these are legitimate legends who are still the pinnacle of fitness even though we have many new machines, pills, and countless fads.

True pioneers of the saying

"It's what we do in the dark that brings us into the light"

All you need is Effort, and stay away from the machines! Don't take my word for it just go watch Terminator 1 or 2, Arnold knows...

Recommendations for Kids or Boxers

Below are options for kids or aspiring fighters who found this site by accident.

Looking for a place for kids

Maybe you are in search of a way to get your kids involved in Martial Arts or fitness

I get many requests from parents looking for a place to get their kids moving and started down the right path. This has always been easy to answer, Lima's Tae Kwon Do ...

 Master John Lima is a Legend in the area and has been giving kids what they so desperately need at a young age for over 3 decades. The best way to represent Mr. Lima is to tell you what he has meant to me. I myself was one of those students over 3 decades ago at Mr. Lima's first school in Taunton.

At the age of 6 or 7 my mother let my father take me to meet Mr. Lima and check out his studio. For Mr. Lima it was seeing Bruce Lee in a theater that got him hooked. For me It was The Karate Kid and Jean-Claude Van Damme. The 80's were a magical time for Martial Arts, but there was also alot of snake oil salesman tactics, used by phony practitioners.

Master John Lima is the real deal, he is too humble and won't brag on these topics. So I will, his studio gave me a place to call home and the respect and confidence to do what I am doing today.

It's All because of him...

Words Cannot express my Gratitude...


Master John Lima

As a teenager Mr. Lima was in a theater and saw his first Bruce Lee movie. He was hooked! It was not long after before he was in a martial arts school. After numerous years of blood sweat and tears, Mr. Lima received his 1st Dan Black Belt and caught the competition bug.

He began competing in 1980 in full contact Kickboxing . Soon after becoming a professional fighter and winning his first event, Mr. Lima switched to point fighting. He went on to win several championships as a Black Belt competitor. 

Upon receiving his 6th Dan Black Belt he opened his first school in 1983 and relocated in 1988 to Taunton, MA. He has been changing lives in the area ever since.

To this day you will find Master Lima training alongside his students on a daily basis.

Even after years of competition and numerous championships; he still finds joy in teaching his students how to perform at a top level.

Looking to Fight/Box/Spar

Maybe you found my site and were looking for a traditional boxing gym

I get a lot of calls from people looking to get in the ring and train/spar with fighters. While I have trained like this and use many of the same conditioning techniques with my clients, I am not a boxing coach, and we are primarily a one on one personal training studio.

 I can however point you to The Best Traditional Boxing gym in the area. I cannot say enough about him. His gym and coaching were instrumental in making me who I am today. He has trained Golden Glove Champions and is a Highly Accomplished Boxer. As well as a Great Family Man

Thanks Eddie!


Bishop's Training and Fitness

Eddie Bishop

  • High school State and New England wrestling finalist
  • Freestyle and Greco State wrestling champion
  • New England Cup Judo champion
  • North East Shoot fighting Champion
  • Golden Glove Boxing champion
  • Professional Boxer 9-2-1 record
  • Fought televised nationally on ESPN and Fox sports
  • Boston Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion

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