I have worked with people of all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages, from  Kids classes to clients in their 70's. I also have worked with many  types of injuries and conditions. Whether it's minor wear and tear to  fully repaired knees,... MS or Cancer recovery I have seen it all. I  feel like these seem so arrogant but are a necessity for business. So i  have asked clients to provide some reviews.      Here are some of my  favorites... 

 -  I came in because I was intimidated and turned off by big gyms, mostly  because of my shape and lack of knowledge. I lost 27 pounds and go  weherever I want with the confidence I always wanted and know enough to  do it on my own now!    -Sarah 26

-  I had a great experience with Evan--I'm feeling a lot more confident in  my gym workouts and dieting program because of his guidance. I'd highly  recommend anyone who's serious about being fit to ty out this program  which also happens to be a real local spot-the business is in Taunton, and isn't from out of town.      -John Benjamin (from facebook) 22 

-  I tried everything and almost gave up... I tried a personal trainer as a  last resort and am now 44 pounds down, I can't thank you enough!!          -Melissa 36

-  I was a smaller guy without a ton of muscle, I started training with  Evan and saw a difference right away. I'm now what he calls "an animal"  (his words not mine) but facts are facts, Ive gained ten pounds of lean  muscle and could destroy my former self!    - Will 31

-  I was having a hard time losing the last fifteen pounds after having  lost over 30 on my own. Feeling stuck and wanting to join my husband  for my first road race Itrained with Evan two times a week in addition  to my workouts and lost almost 20 more!    - Danielle 42

-I  have been doing personal training with Evan for about 3 years. I like  how he customizes the workouts to suit your ability and no two workouts  are ever the same so you never get bored. Highly reccommend Cro Top  Personal Training and Fitness if you are serious about getting in shape.  He is committed to getting you on the right track to a healthier  lifestyle.          - Jim, 56

-Evan  introduced me to weights and TRX straps, and he tailors my workouts to  my goals. I have not only lost weight, but I am toned, stronger and have  more energy. With the variety of techniques he uses, the time flies!             - Eileen, 61

-Evan  Kept me on track when I felt lost. I then went on to lose over 30  Pounds. I am a different Girl! thanks for everything!    -Nicole 23

-I  lost 14 lbs in less than 4 weeks over the holidays training with Evan  and making smart food choices. His workouts are never boring

since he constantly changes the routine. I have never skied better... and without aches and pains!             - Keith, 62

-Working  with Evan I lost 22 Pounds between 11/20/13 and 1/20/14. Never boring,  lots of variety and never felt better.         - Rod, 37

-Thank you again for coming today. Everyone enjoyed your seminar and spoke highly of you after.          - Avedis Zildjian Symbol Co. , Norwell MA

- I  have had such positive feedback about yesterday's workout. Most people  including myself are really feeling it in our quads but are smiling  while complaining! Good practical workout that everyone can now do at  home on their own that works a large group of muscles without a huge  time commitment. Our CEO who arrived while we were all outside watched  from the upstairs window and told me this morning he almost had tears in  his eyes watching us all workout, he is extremely weight and health  conscious. Thanks again for all your work on the onsite company workout.           -CBT Technology Inc., Randolph MA

-I  just wanted to thank for the seminar on fitness and nutrition. You are a  great speaker. We got a lot of positive feedback from our employees. I  have always ate pretty healthy but after your seminar I want to get back  into exercising on a regular schedule. I also want to thank you for  taking the time after the seminar to talk to some employees privately.  Thanks          -Cape Abilities Inc., Cape Cod MA